Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

40 Most Beautiful Mosques Photography

Masjid al-Haram (The Holy Mosque) – Saudi Arabia

Masjid Nabawi – Saudi Arabia

Alnour Mosque Sharjah

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque, Brunei

Largest Mosque in North America

Masjid Al-Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco

The largest Mosque in India

Ubudiah Mosque in Kuala Kangsar

Crystal Mosque, Malaysia

The Putra Mosque in Putrajaya, Malaysia


Holy Makkah – Saudi Arabia

Jumeirah Grand Mosque, Dubai

The Blue Mosque from Hagia Sophia

Masjid Sultan (Sultan Mosque) Singapore

Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque, Brunei

Ubudiah Mosque (in mono and square)

Zahir Mosque, Malaysia

Faisal Mosque – Pakistan

Mosque in Brunei

Badshahi Mosque

Cairo · Muhammad Ali mosque

Bahrain Grand Mosque

The Omayad Mosque and full moon – Syria

Mosque on Mirror


Schwetzinger Mosque from Germany

Turkey – Brand New Day over The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii) in Istanbul

The Umayyad Mosque – Damascus

The Mosque and the Towers – United Arab States

Shahjahan Mosque – Pakistan

Grand Mosque – a.k.a. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Cordoba Cathedral – The Mezquita – Spain

Lao Huasi sufi mosque in Linxia, China

Saudi Arabia – Evening prayer at Floating Mosque in Jeddah

Sehzade Mosque (Istanbul) Turkey

Putrajaya Mosque on Water – Malaysia

UAE – Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Stormy weather over the mosque. Paris, France

Tooting Mosque, London

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